Manage. Automate. Communicate.
One single App.


Manage Milestones, Activities and Expenses with your Team.

With Keywork, you'll get a powerful and customizable Board to organize your work and collaborate with every area within your company. Create milestones, activities, inventories and more. Keep track of KPIs, performance and progress in one single platform.

Analytics Soon

Know what's happening in your company in one single place.

Keywork enables you to create reports in real-time with analytics about the performance of your whole company. Customize every aspect of your reports, compare KPIs and generate automated charts to control the progress of your team.

  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Analytics in Real-Time
  • Performance Reports
  • Business Intelligence
Know what's happening in your company in one single place.
Tracking Soon

Keep Track of your Team's Performance.

Know the progress and performance of your employees in real-time. Keywork detects bottlenecks within your company and allows you to optimize your resources.


Optimize your company's processes with a few clicks.

Easily create workflows to automate the management of tasks, interactions and communication with clients & providers.